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...extraordinary, glittering, singing presences who guided me and hundreds of others through wood, field and forest this weekend just gone, bringing all twenty of the spells from The Lost Words to life...
It was a special experience to see my words & @jackiemorrisartist’s paintings springing into being. I’ll not forget the incredible, swaggering “Raven”, and the writhingly supple dances of “Otter”. Even in blazing heat, the goldfinches charmed on.
— Robert Macfarlane

Preview on Northern Soul website.

Interview with director Collette Murray in Children’s Theatre Reviews.

Review of Timber Festival by Arifa Akbar in The Guardian.

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So magical and beautiful and relevant. Really talented performers with dance, lifts, characterisation and where contemporary projection and natural site specific come together. Go see it!!
— Audience response, Brockhole Sept 2019
Lovely to meet the cast (& audience) in this natural blend of dance, poetry, music & a woodland walk! Great way to reconnect with the wild at Windermere.
— @CumbriaWildlife
Inspiring for all ages - and great to be offered the @GretaThunberg book instead of a theatre programme! Well done - more please!
— @TLWforCumbria
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Loved this show at Brockhole - the otters playing were particularly magical.
— @wordsandwoofs
It was such a lovely experience! Thank you for a true moment of joy! You were all so inspiring and wonderful - as a teacher I will take it on into my classroom - so your message moves forward!
— @starkey333
What a fantastic show! We’re very lucky to be able to host this at Brockhole.
— @brockhole
What an incredible immersive experience...
— Creative Countryside (@creativecside)
A fantastic, magical & memorable interpretation of #TheLostWords. May you continue to bring the delight to many more...
— Helen Moss-Black (@Tang18)
If you hear of this being performed anywhere near you, go see it!
— Mary Mayfield (@marymayf)
An adaptation of The Lost Words: Seek, Find, Speak was an interactive theatre production but wasn’t scary (the ‘I’ word generally sends me running in the other direction); rather a gentle midsummer trail aimed at children but magical for grown-ups too.
— Clearly Magazine, Morwenna Kearns (@MorwennaKearns)
Its high point is a dance sequence performed by eight-year-old Gabriel Payne and the Nigerian dancer Edenamiuki Aiguobasinmwin, who slip, slide and entwine limbs to conjure the silky effect of an otter moving in water.
— The Guardian, Arifa Akbar (@Arifa_Akbar)
Beautiful live adaptation of @RobGMacfarlane’s Lost Words in the woods @LatitudeFest. Moving poetry brought to life in and amongst the audience, surrounded by @JackieMorrisArt’s lovely artwork.
— Neil Holland (@meal_deal)
How wonderful experiencing @RobGMacfarlane’s Lost Words brought to life! A book that is doing so much to highlight and address the lack of nature connection in children transformed into an immersive theatrical performance that captivated adults and children alike.
— Tom Mower (@TomMower89)
Just watching entrancing performance of @JackieMorrisArt & @RobGMacfarlane #TheLostWords by @seekfindspeak at @LatitudeFest. Packed woodland setting, active engagement, spellbinding wordery. Love it.
It was stunning. Had to compete with the noise elswhere in the park but did so being up close and personal. Clever and funny and active. Really nice.
— Liz Gladin (@LizGladin)
We loved this at #TimberFestival today! Thank you. You were awesome!
— Lucy Parsons (@LucyCParsons)
If you haven’t already, you should definitely try and see Seek, Find, Speak. We saw it at @timber_festival and loved it. Adds an extra dimension to the book.
— Kevin Markland (@Wbkjm)